I needed legal assistance urgently in an area of law I knew nothing about, Martin was able to advise me of what my legal rights were, represent me and hold my hand through the whole process.

He was professional and astute, and always remained calm in what was a very stressful situation for me – I would confidently recommend his services.


During a very stressful time in my life I sought the legal services of Martin Ricci, recommended through a friend.

Martin’s advice, support and professional wisdom made all the difference to what could have been a very lengthy and even more stressful period and I am forever grateful for his expertise throughout this trying time.


Recently I was called to appear as a witness in a Coronial Inquiry about a matter from many years ago. I immediately turned to Martin to help guide me through the process.

Martin was able to provide me with information about what to expect on the day. It was a very stressful time but having Martin’s support before and after the event really helped me manage the difficult day. Thank you Martin!


Last year I received a “bolt from the blue” and suddenly found myself in the unenviable task of needing to find a lawyer at short notice. I was completely unfamiliar with the legal and court process but was extremely fortunate to have Martin Ricci and the law practice recommended to me by a friend.

Martin immediately put me at ease (well as much as you can be in the situation!) and helped me understand the severity of what was happening to me, and how seriously I needed to take it. He also helped me understand my rights and explained what exactly I was obliged to say and to whom. By the time my cross examination came along I was superbly prepared, calm, confident and ultimately victorious!