Martin Ricci
Principal Solicitor

Martin has practised criminal law in Australia for more than 20 years. He was admitted in NSW in 1992 and established The Law Practice in 1997. He specialises in advocacy, plea negotiations, strategy and trial work: especially in criminal law.

Martin is respected throughout the legal industry by his colleagues (both prosecutors and defence) and also by the magistrates and the judges before whom he appears. He is a dedicated solicitor who prides himself on providing a dynamic and professional “top-end” legal consultancy promising to stay engaged with his clients from the moment they are charged, right through to the completion of their matters.

Martin is committed to his clients. He will meet with them and their families regularly and at all times; visit them in gaols throughout NSW striving to achieve communication as the top priority with an overriding desire to obtain the best outcomes.

Respecting the rights of the individual and a “fair go for all” is at the core of Martin’s philosophy. And while he is a tenacious advocate, a superb “plea negotiator” and a formidable strategist he always strives to provide practical and realistic legal advice to his clients and their families in the circumstances.

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